Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pokemon Is Dead To Me

I've been pretty apathetic towards Pokemon since I finished Gen IV. Gen V introduced nothing new, Gen VI introduced a new type and "Mega Evolutions" which are basically fancy-looking item power-ups, and fundamentally nothing changed. The games just kept getting bloated with more, unnecessary Pokemon who (to me) don't even look like Pokemon anymore.

I had some hope for Sun & Moon. I thought the Ultra Beasts might be Nintendo's attempt at breaking the mold and really giving us something new. Nope. You know what the Ultra Beasts are, that mystery they've been teasing us with for months? They're just more fucking Pokemon; legendaries, to be exact.

I've been saying for years, they need to stop giving us more Pokemon and start giving us new things to do with the ones we already have. If we really must have new Pokemon, fill out the evolution lines. Let us breed hybrids. But for the love of God, stop bloating the games with new characters just for the sake of having them!

I can't keep up with this shit anymore. We're gonna have Pokemon in the quadruple digits by 2020 if this keeps up, and I just can't bring myself to care about that many characters. Individual Pokemon are becoming less unique with each passing game now, it feels, and it makes me sad.

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