Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Godzilla PS4 Players: Stop Forcing Us To Use Burning Godzilla

In my last post, I urged people not to use Burning Godzilla. Well, now it has come full circle. With the recent influx of newer players, those of us with higher win counts (900+ in my case) are being targeted by double-teamers who want to pad their rankings. It's to the point now where unless a high-ranking player uses Burning Godzilla, Kiryu, or Godzilla 2014, we are basically guaranteed to lose any 3-player match thanks to double-teaming jerks. It's not even just the sub-100 players now: folks with 300 wins or more will double-team us just for shits and giggles. Doesn't matter if I'm being Rodan, or Anguirus, or Jet Jaguar, or some other relatively weak monster: I will be double-teamed regardless. This is making the 3-player metagame almost unplayable for experienced players, and a lot of folks I used to see online regularly have quit the game entirely because of this.

Now, I'd love to solve this by sticking to 2-player matches, but there's a minor problem with that: almost no one plays 2-player, and the few who do immediately run to the safety of 3-player at the first sign of trouble. This means that if I want to play this game with other people, 3-player games are the only real option I have, and 3-player is nearly unplayable thanks to my win count.

This, quite frankly, is bullshit. I shouldn't be punished for being good at a game I like. If you're so worried about losing to a skilled player, then watch what those players do and apply it yourself. Don't bully us out of the game just because you don't like to be challenged.