Friday, December 4, 2015

Godzilla PS4 Players: Stop Using Burning Godzilla

You're not impressing anyone by using a broken character. We know those 1000+ wins you have are mostly owed to an attack that takes out a quarter of your opponent's health in one shot. The fact that you still manage to lose half of your health playing this guy 1-on-1 (when I can use him 2-on-1 and hardly get scratched) says everything we need to know about how good you really are at this game.

I recently passed 300 wins myself. The vast majority of those were with such monsters as Spacegodzilla, Mechagodzilla, Battra, and Anguirus. When I fought someone with more experience than yours truly, I watched how they played and learned how to either counter those tactics or perform them myself. I clawed my way up the ladder fair and square, and I am goddamn proud of it. So grow a fucking pair and do the same for yourself.