Friday, April 24, 2015

I just had a moment of fridge brilliance regarding Yang's semblance

I remember reading somewhere that Yang's character takes inspiration from Goldilocks. While re-watching Volume 2, I finally made the connection.

Why couldn't Yang deal the decisive blow to Roman? Because Roman isn't a physical fighter. He's crafty, and he always has an escape plan. As Yang's semblance makes her progressively more overcome with rage, she loses focus, allowing Roman to slip away. Her semblance was burning too hot, and she couldn't muster the focus needed to take him down.

Why couldn't Yang do all that much to Neo? There's no question that Yang at full fury could wipe the floor with Neo; but Neo never did anything to light up Yang's semblance. Yang's semblance was too cold, which meant Neo could bring the blonde down to her level and beat her with experience.

Yang won't be able to decisively beat this duo until she's able to control her fury and get her semblance to a level that's just right to deal with their respective tactics.

Am I on to something, or am I over-thinking this?

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