Monday, April 13, 2015

Expansions REALLY need a late-game buff

Continuing from an older post I did, I am now even more convinced that expansions are in dire need of a mutation. About two weeks ago I finally reached a point where I could ascend well before my normal larva production exceeded what my mutagen produces. With this most recent ascension, I knocked the cost to ascend all the way down to being free, and my expansions still didn't even get close to catching up with mutagen production.

I actually have two suggestions this time. First is simply to have an expansion mutation. Expansions are just way too out-classed by everything else late-game due to not having a mutation of their own. The hatchery mutation, by itself, is not enough to compensate for this. Accomplished Ancestry with all achievements unlocked is also not powerful enough to make up the difference. Territory mutation also doesn't make a lick of difference late-game. Expansions need a mutation to stay relevant in the late game, plain and simple. Either that or we need a new late-game mechanic that can compete with mutagen levels reaching and exceeding a googol.

My other suggestion: make ascensions cost exponentially more energy each time. A simple formula like "(worlds infested+1)x(base cost)" should be sufficient. As it is currently, ascending is seriously overpowered once you get the frequency and meta-mutation buffs, because the larvae produced from mutagen can put you a couple tiers above where you left off, and you can do this once a week. That is just insane, to me. If ascending is going to be that powerful, at least give it a price to match!

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