Friday, March 20, 2015

[Suggestion] Expansion Mutation

Expansions feel really underpowered in the late game. In terms of mutagen production, they can't compete with hatcheries, and the larva bonus they provide takes ages to catch up with your mutagen larvae once you've invested a lot in upgrades. Territory mutation doesn't help that much: I have all un-capped mutations at 1.00e63 right now, and even with swarm warps, rushes, and clones, it'll be days before I have enough expansions to put a dent in my mutagen larvae production.

I don't think the answer is de-powering mutagen; personally, I dislike nerfing something unless it just outright breaks the game. Having an expansion mutation, capped or not, would easily solve this problem. As long as it's introduced with another update, such as generated meat unit tiers, I think it would be a perfectly fair and balanced addition to the game.

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