Monday, March 23, 2015

Stealths May Actually Be Useful

It has long been thought that the Stealth air unit of Advance Wars: Dual Strike, also known as AWDS or AW3, were useless. I have recently found that this may not actually be the case.

In a post I did years ago on different game modes, I commented that high funds games in AW3 are basically unplayable due to becoming B-Bomb fests. A couple months ago, it occurred to me that any game in which the B-Bomb is easily affordable also makes the Stealth affordable (we're talking like 3k funds and above), due to being cheaper. So I tried it out.

The strength of the B-Bomb is that it is too maneuverable to be caught by other air units, and can explode the same turn it moves. It's basically invincible. However, the Stealth is the one unit a B-Bomb can't actually see coming, and can't totally avoid. A Stealth can intercept a Bomb while it's in transit or even before it leaves the airport. They do 120% BD to the Bombs, so only Kanbei and Javier can actually make them survive the strike.

There is the issue of refueling, but Stealths at high funding levels are pretty disposable and get more bang for their buck. A single Stealth can 1HK multiple Bombs before fuel consumption takes it down, plenty of time to get another one in the field.

This doesn't mean you'll suddenly become immune to Bomb strikes during a high funds game. Aside from being countered by Fighters and other Stealths, there are also any number of reasons why a Bomb might slip through, be it clever walling, building too many to counter, or whatever. The important take-away from this, however, is that Bombs are no longer the end-all be-all of high funds. You can't make a constant stream of them if the majority are just going to get shot down and waste your money; which, while plentiful in high funds, is not unlimited.

So there you have it. High funds modes are officially playable again. Let the fun begin.

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