Thursday, February 23, 2012

AWDS Battle Reports - Episode 3

Welcome once again folks. As usual, Biggabertha has decided on what matches to play. This time, however, I asked for a change of scenery, and he has obliged me. Behold, Anatolia:

Match #1
Koal - Slam Guard, Road Rage, APC Boost, Slam Shield
Adder - Ranger, Star Power, Prairie Dog, Pathfinder

The match opened with Adder having a hefty fund advantage thanks to the FTA-counter city. An early Copter saw Koal having some trouble expanding in the far south. Koal, however, managed to use his extra transport speed to hit three of the four silos and hinder Adder's expansion severely. By the time their forces met, Koal was already ahead in both funding and unit count. Adder briefly had land superiority with Recons speeding across the map, but in the end Koal had two things on his side: he could tech up faster, and he could take a hit better than Adder could. Adder could use the terrain to his advantage and launch COP about 3 times more often than Koal got SCOP, but at the end of the day Koal proved to be a juggernaut that Adder couldn't overcome.

Match #2

Kindle - Combat Pay, Invader, Gearhead, Conquerer
Von Bolt -Slam Guard, Luck, Star Power, Slam Shield

(At this point I switched back to "The Coast" due to FTA issues on Anatolia.)

This matchup surprised me a bit. Kindle completely dominated the first half of the game, mercilessly pounding Von Bolt with her COP while her repair and capture abilities let her expand unchallenged. The first Ex Machina didn't do much to solve this, either. The problems arose when Vonny began producing Tanks and Copters regularly. His high defense meant that there was no competing with him on even day-to-day terms, so Kindle had to tech up. Kindle only had an income advantage of 4k at that point, and had to tech up to a unit costing more than twice as much as a Tank just to counter them effectively. Even with Combat Pay, she couldn't make up that difference effectively due to Vonny's sheer resistance factor. Von Bolt's infrequent SCOP also created problems for Kindle as it was drawn to her high-cost clusters like a moth to flame, and shut down the battlefront in ways Kindle's COP couldn't compete with. It didn't help that Vonny was getting very good luck rolls in his Tank vs Md Tank fights. Vonny's only real setback happened when Kindle started spamming AAs to counter a Copter rush in the north, but this was eventually put down by Mechs, and the southern Tank spam continued.

The lessen learned here is that, even souped up, Kindle isn't equipped to deal with defense this high on a daily basis. This Von Bolt build performed well enough that I actually fancy its chances against Kanbei. We may have to try that one day.

Match #3

Kanbei - Sale Price, Gold Rush, Fire Sale, Soul of Hachi

This one also surprised me. Even with this skill set, Kanbei isn't exactly what you'd call a mass production specialist, so I didn't expect him to perform well against Sensei. What actually happened was that on SCOP Kanbei could spam nearly invincible Mechs on forward cities and built a Tank/Copter or two in the back. He dominated Sensei day-to-day actually taking a tech lead, and Sensei had to gear up to SCOP to keep up in the tech race which gave Kanbei the edge on the end.

I really need to stop underestimating this skill set...

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