Monday, December 26, 2011

AWDS Battle Reports - Episode 2

And now for round 2. Once again, all matchups were put together by Biggabertha. The map is still "The Coast."

Red Kanbei vs Blue Grimm(FR) - Slam Guard, Star Power, Slam Shield, Fire Sale
This game started out with Kanbei taking an early property and unit count lead in spite of starting setbacks. By the time both sides reached the middle, the game devolved into a giant stalemate. Samurai Spirit would light off, then Knuckleduster after it wore off, back and forth. I remarked to Bigga during the game that it was like the trenches of France in World War 1. Eventualy, however, Grimm took a funding advantage by blocking off chokepoints with his T-Copter fleet, and gathered up a force of Md Tanks. When the next Knuckleduster hit, Grimm might as well have been Colin using Power of Money: Firepower + Tech = Death. The south broke first, then the north. Kanbei had only four units left when he finally yielded.

Red Jake(FR) vs Blue Lash(FR) - Invader, Prairie Dog, Fire Sale, Conqueror; Sale Price, Star Power, Gold Rush, Fire Sale
Like the last game, this started out hugely in red's favor and devolved into a stalemate. Jake used a strategy of having shielded Artillery in the southern mountain range while blitzkrieging to the north. Both fronts were supported by Copters. Jake found short term success with this and broke through on both fronts. Lash, however, had made a point of claiming both center bases and used her T-Copters to shuttle in Infantry and stubbornly defend the northern front. She flooded the north with Tanks while letting the south be flooded with Mechs and Copters. The stalemate broke when Lash made a Md Tank push all the way to Jake's northern base and plugged his airport, freeing up funds for the south. Jake quickly folded under this pressure.
-Jake's blitzkriegs were SCOP-assisted, but so were Lash's defenses. It came down to a matter of money, and Lash had slightly higher tech units getting better defensive bonuses. It ended up being no contest.

Red Jess vs Blue Grit(FR) - Sale Price, Gold Rush, Fire Sale, Soul of Hachi
This match was put together by myself rather than Bigga, because I used this Grit build as an example in my guide without actually trying it out. I can only theorytard something for so long before it starts coming together in my head and I realize it may be more or less effective than I gave it credit for, as the case may be. In this case I predicted that it would be more effective, so I gave it a go.
The game started out as many Grit matches do, and in spite of the price reductions it looked as though Grit was going to suffer the usual pitfalls. However, what won the day was Soul of Hachi. Being able to build en masse and right at the front of the battlefield gave Grit the production resources he sorely lacks in normal cases; though, granted, it would not have been nearly as effective without the money skills. By the time Jess surrendered, the south was broken and the northern center base had been capped off, with only a few Infantry standing between Grit and ultimate victory.

Soul of Hachi is a lot more powerful than it sounds in my head, and I'm going to have to remember in the future not to let Bigga pick it except for massive differences in tier placement. I guess that makes sense, though, seeing as production capability is one of the two things that puts Hachi at the top to begin with.

Tune in next time.

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