Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trust Fund

That's what the Colin/Sasha Tag is called. And it gives me nightmares. It might actually be better than Earth and Sky.

Basic Strategy:

Obviously you'll lead off with Colin at first. Once you start getting into combat, though, always hit the switch button at the end of your turn. Not only will it make this Tag charge up absurdly fast, but unlike most Tags these two actually have good d2d reasons to do this. Colin ends his turn with extra money left over, and Sasha makes extra money. Generally speaking, you shouldn't tech higher than Recons during Sasha's turn. Colin, on the other hand, will be capable of buying multiple Tanks quite quickly, and don't be surprised if Md Tanks become an option before the first Dual Strike.

Colin should lead the Dual Strike. His money boost combined with Trust Fund's default 140/110 means that he'll average at least as well as the firepower COs. The key difference being, of course, that said firepower is backed up by a massively teched up army in this case. He buys stuff, and then it's Sasha's turn. Sasha plays a straight 140/110, but with the whole "combat pay" routine going on, not to mention some reinforcements to call up. Unlike any other Tag pairing, Sasha during this Dual Strike is quite capable of giving you at least one Recon and filling the rest of your bases with Infantry.

Why This is Godly:

Well why do you think!? Look at the rest of the power scale in the game if you need a hint: nowhere else do tech and firepower cross over in these proportions! What are you gonna do, pull out a Hachi Tag? They have to stay low tech to get a Megatank on time. Now on most Colin Tags you can probably get away with this. Trust Fund? If necessary it can ass-pull a Md Tank in time to meet this threat. A Trust Fund Md Tank has sufficient time and firepower to destroy a Megatank; and if Colin bought it then it's still cheaper. At worst, a Tank may need to assist with the kill. However it happens, this will not kill Trust Fund's economy; unlike Hachi, it is always on overdrive.

If the enemy is something like, say, Hachi/Kanbei, this just makes it worse. Yes, Kanbei's got Samurai Spirit for this Megatank; he also screws up the prices. If they switch out often enough to make a quick charge, they'll actually have to tech down even further just to get the Megatank in time. Trust Fund is still perfectly capable of spamming Tanks in the meantime. Hachi/Kanbei may indeed get the one Megatank this duo can't beat, but at the cost of battlefield control it's too little too late. (Might even be better off just spamming 3.5k Tanks, and even then...)

Why do I think it might be better than Earth and Sky? It fires off first, it can get Copters obscenely early, and it can pull double-production as mentioned earlier. Unlike most Tags, it can afford to leave an Infantry on the HQ. After wiping out the rest of Earth and Sky's forces, that one Infantry is enough to screw things up. Walking across the map and capping it ain't an option at that point, and with their forces so demolished they might get one or two consolation captures that won't have any long-term effect on Trust Fund's tech advantage.

Against any other opponent, the result is predictable. Trust Fund is fucking insane for what it says on paper. They say that a CO or Tag is broken when it does something the game wasn't designed to take into account. Look at the power flow chart. What are the top five items? Tech, spam, super units, capture, two moves. By the CO stats and by its nature as a Tag, Trust Fund combines all five of these in evil, evil ways. No other Tag in the game does this. I'm not even sure any other Tag can match this. Talk about broken COs like Hachi or Sensei all you want. Throw them in the Tag ring and suddenly they look a lot less impressive. You want broken? Look at the article title.

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